Aurum Kings Beta Testing!

We have been hard at work on Aurum Kings for the past couple of weeks, and we have some exciting stuff going on.

Lately, we have been doing a polish pass on the UI and UX of the game, adding things like a fading scene transition, pause menu animation, and main menu animations. Check it out!

Polish is all well and good, but the real fun announcement is that we will start beta testing our game on Friday, June 8! If you are interesting in becoming a beta tester for Aurum Kings on Steam, then all you have to do is fill out this form! Note that you do have to have a Steam account for this beta test!

When we are ready to send out the beta keys, you will receive an email with your key and any information you may need.

And finally, we have made a Bull Horn Games Discord! You can join by clicking this link! Here you can talk to the developers whenever you want, suggest feedback and things to add to the game, and submit file reports!

That’s all for this update, I hope to speaking with you all soon!

— Ben

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