Aurum Kings Update – 3/1/2018

We have been working on Aurum Kings the past couple of weeks, and we are very excited to give you an update!

First things first, we got an awesome logo!



You know that starting area that we made? We made it a lot better looking.

Furthermore, players can no longer pickup the same color! Now when you pick up a color, it slurps up onto your character, and when you choose a different color, the previous one splats back onto the ground for others to choose.


We are really happy with how this newer starting area looks and feels, and we will see where it takes us in the future when it comes to selecting different game modes.  Here are a couple ideas that we have for that:

  • Instead of selecting a map, you pick a door to walk through as a group, each door is a different game type, with that game types maps inside of those rooms
  • Have different rooms inside of a castle for some different game types

A question that we got a lot during play tests is “How do you know when you dash is ready”? And we finally have an answer for that. There have always been little clouds that come out from behind your character as you run in Aurum Kings, but now they mean something. If you dash is ready, the clouds will be coming out! If it is not ready, then there will be no clouds.

We think that this is a pretty intuitive way for the player to know, because it is not aggressively telling  the payer that it is ready, but rather a nice passive notification.

Now you may be asking, when do I get to check out all these new features? Well, if you have a Windows machine, then you can download this right now! There is a new demo available for Windows on, with Linux and Mac coming soon!

Download it here!


On a final team note, Bull Horn Games has submitted Aurum Kings to the New York State Game Development Challenge! This was a really good milestone for us to hit, and even if we don’t win we have learned a lot about the production pipeline, and written the documents that we need in order to move forward with the game.

We are very grateful to all of those who have helped us out with things that we knew we couldn’t do, like video editing, proof-reading, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this Aurum Kings update, see you soon!

— Ben

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