Aurum Kings Update – 2/10/2018

Aurum Kings has been undergoing a lot of changes over the past couple of weeks.

In our last update we talked about how we needed to do a UI Redesign, and I am happy to say that we have  working prototype of the new starting area up and running!

In this area, you press “Start” on your controller to join. Once you are in the game, then you can choose different colors, abilities, and the map to play on.

You choose different colors by going over the paint splotches on the ground.


To change your ability, you can simply walk over the ability Icon that you want to use.


And finally, for map selection, you can just walk over whichever map you would like to play on, and press “A” to start. When there are multiple players in the lobby, then you can only start the game when all players are all on one map.

After tweaking and polishing this starting area, our next step is either going to be to make new game types, or to add networking to the game!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or just want to be a part of the development process, ping on Twitter @benjafriend!

— Ben

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