This week at Bull Horn Games – 11/10

This week, we tweaked.

The battle for the crown continues this week on a new front. We created two new maps for players to work on, each with their own new environmental experience.

One of the new maps that we added this week

Along with new maps, the river map has been edited so that it is not so large and plays at a much faster pace.

We also modeled a coin bag to the game in order to make it easier for the player to differentiate between that and the bomb!

New coin bag model

If you have got a keen eye, then you noticed the bombs have a new explosion as well! We changed the particle sprite on the explosion, added some sparks, and finally added in a light to the boom!


Along with all  the exciting new content, we fixed a whole bunch of bugs!

Rochester Mini Maker Faire

The faire is in week!! Saturday, November 18th is the day in our minds as we continue work on Aurum Kings. We are very excited to be participating in such a great event with so many awesome developers this year.

Be sure to check out the website to grab your tickets!

Don’t forget…

We stream on Twitch  almost every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm EST

And we post on Twitter regularly about Aurum Kings, so give us a follow if you feel like it! @benjafriend  

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