This week at Bull Horn Games – 11/3

This week at Bull Horn Games, things got a bit chaotic (in a good way).

We showed the game twice this week in a public setting, collecting extremely valuable feedback from game design students and Professors at RIT. The first showing was in the Golisano building at RIT, where people said the core mechanics are there, but there needs to be more… chaos.


Turns out, they were pretty spot on. Here are a couple of things that we did to make Aurum Kings more engaging and fun for all players:

  • New icons for the start and quit buttons
  • Created and polished the arrow ability
  • Each map now has coin bags to collect that also get you points
  • Each map has it’s own set of “chaos” spawns, such as bombs that spawn throughout the match, or arrows that shoot out of the corners
  • Movement when you have the crown is slower now, and you cannot dash while you have the crown. This makes it so that more players can hold the crown each match, as well as longer matches
  • Updated ready screen on the player selection
  • Various bug fixes

The second showing we did this week was at ROC Game Dev, where we have a group of about 30 people play, watch, and critique gameplay. This play session was after the chaotic additions to the game, and players certainly seemed more into the game and focused.

We are also getting ready for the Rochester Mini Maker Faire! If you are in the Rochester area, please stop by and check out all of the awesome projects that are going on!

That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed the update!

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