This week at Bull Horn Games – 10/28/2017

This week, we got loud.

Over the weekend, the team participated in the Imagine Cup game jam at RIT, and was awarded “Most fun to Play”! Woo!

During that weekend, there were a lot of awesome changes to the game, so let’s get started!

We added in two new levels:

A moving walls map

Screenshot (26)

And a river map


Along with the new maps, there have been some gameplay changes as well!

  • Every player has dash now, and the cool down is two seconds
  • There is not strict time limit on the game, rather you play until one player reaches the max score
  • Players move faster now
  • The ability cool down is less in general
  • The whole player changes color now instead of just your circle

We also finally got some music in the game! Each level has it’s own sound track to fit it, and I can’t thank the composer enough! Rowan Waring did an awesome job with the music!

The Rochester Mini-Maker Faire is only three weeks away! We are still pushing along to get some more abilities and game types in before then so that we have a playable demo! Hope to see you there!

Lastly, don’t forget that Bull Horn Games Twitch streams their development on Thursdays around 1 pm EST!

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