This week at Bull Horn Games – 10/20/17

This week at Bull Horn Games, we listened.

We ran several playtests this week with the goal of fine tuning the movement of the player! Here is what some people had to say:

  • Oil spill is a little bit over the top
  • The games should be longer
  • Instead of just dropping the bomb, have the players throw it forward a little bit
  • The bomb and bear trap need to take the crown off of the players head!!
  • Dash is pretty handy and a bit over powered
  • Give the person with the crown some sort of disability (slower movement speed, longer time between abilities)
  • The desert map is annoying because the crown is always in the same spot
  • Tell the user how to change their color on the player select screen

With all that great feedback, we can get to work this weekend during the RIT Imagine Cup game jam to make this game more awesome! Our main focus is going to be to try and get some audio in for background music, add more levels, and make some way for the game to feel a bit different each time you play it!

Earlier this week, we made a quick game play video for the game just to give others the general idea of how the game looks and plays.


Aurum Kings has been accepted in the Rochester Mini Maker Faire! We have the pleasure of presenting there along with Crazy Platez, ROC Game Dev, and a lot of other awesome people!

We are also gonna start Twitch streaming our creation process every Thursday around 2 PM! You can watch those here!

Along with Aurum Kings news, check out our Extra Life team! Extra Life is a great cause and a fantastic gaming community event!


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