Aurum Kings – Gameplay Trailer!

New gameplay trailer for Aurum Kings!!

I would love some feedback on the general look/ feel of the game that you got from that trailer

Aurum Kings is a 2-4 player couch competitive game where the goal is to use your abilities that you pick at the beginning of each round to hold onto the crown for the longest period of time.

Does anything about the UI confuse you?

What abilities do you think would be cool to add?

Anything you would suggest to change about the art?

Does the game make sense to you?

Does this seem generally fun, if so then why?

I currently have no background music, what kind of music comes to mind when you watch this? (What instruments, tempo, etc.)

The player model is temporary right now, what do you suggest I could do to match the style of the game?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

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