This week at Bull Horn Games – 10/12/17

This week, we dashed forward.

We are hoping to have trailer out by the end of this week (Friday 10/13),

During the RIT Game Developers Club meeting this week, we were able to run ta nice play test this week, and got a lot of great feedback!

  • Bomb has too large of a range
  • Dash doesn’t feel like it pushes you enough
  • More content! Especially maps!
  • The UI and color scheme need to be more unified!
  • Camera movement in the Y axis is far to dramatic
  • The crown should be more noticeable to the players, especially when it changes

Now what change did we make to improve on that?

  • Did a pass on the different values for the abilities, making the bomb range lower and the dash force greater
  • Created a level select screen using scriptable objects for quick and easy level creation!
  • Locked the camera movement in the Y axis, which may need to change in the future depending on how large the maps are
  • Started working on a second map!


The UI and color scheme is something that really needs to be worked on, but there is a real internal struggle on what palette and style to go with.

Along with all the new stuff I need to do based on the feedback that I got, most of the work that I have done this past week has been optimization work. By deleting some much un-needed faces on some of the models like the tree and walls, and marking them as static objects in the world, I managed a significant boost in FPS.

Overall I am quite happy with the progress this week! We are dabbling with the idea of setting a mid-November ‘release’ date, since I am participating in two game jams over the course of October, which is going to give me a lot of time to work on this project.

Cya around


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