Release 1.0!


Today I am doing a final release for Cubicle! Over the past week, I have fixed a bunch of little bugs and implemented achievements!

I decided to scratch the inventory system for now, not because I couldn’t do it (surprise it is in the game but you can’t see it!) but because I didn’t think that it really fit the game. I figured that I would rather take my time and make some better looking UI and artwork for all of the things that I wanted to add in. What I have right now is polished, and I like. Creating an entire power up system and ways to use items that is satisfying, would take a lot of time that I don’t have right now.

That being said, here is a list of changes that I completed over the past week:

  • Smoothed out the camera movement so that it is not so sensitive when you tap.
  • Enlarged the buttons for placing objects
  • Created a particle effect for when you heal your tower to give the user some visual feedback
  • Made the platform taller (towards the bottom?) so that you can’t see the cubes fall through the bottom sometimes!
  • Implemented achievements for Google Play, so that you can keep on playin for a reason!
  • Made it easier to actually hit the cubes, instead of just using a point to point hit detection, it now uses a small radius to check if you hit the cubes!

Thanks to those who have supported me throughout this game, this was a great little summer project! I learned a lot about designing for mobile, project scope, and testing appropriately!

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