Beta Update 1.0



pauseANimThis week has been pretty busy and I have not had much time to work on Cubicle, but I am very excited to show you whats coming! I’ve made the walls and traps bigger in order to make them worth your while to use. You can also now use Poly’s to restart the game from where you died if you so choose.

I will have a lot of time next week to for development, so expect a lot of sweet GIFs and more updates! My goal is to have all the modifiers mentioned in the previous dev log in by the end of next week!

This update will mark my official release to Beta! Woo! One of my main goals is to get as many people testing the game as possible, so any social media presence would be greatly appreciated!

As always, thanks for stopping in, and you can check out Cubicle on the Google Play store in Alpha! 

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