Alpha Update 1.14

I have been hard at work over the past week!

Here is a quick list of new features:

  • UI transitions
  • Saving scores and Inventory items
  • A store to purchase things with your lovely polys!

The pause menu is looking pretty sweet, with some fade-in fade-out transitions when you click.

For saving data I have set up a Binary file save system for now, that saves your current score, items, and unlocked levels. For right now, the store only contains temporary items for testing purposes.

Here’s a list of store items that I am thinking of putting in the game next week:

  • 2x points for 30 minutes (one time use)
  • 2x red points in game for 30 min (one time use)
  • 2x green points in game for 30 min (one time use)
  • 2x blue points in game for 30 min (one time use)
  • Different color schemes for the game
  • Decorations for each enemy type(hats, faces, etc.)

I’d be happy to get any input on this! Check out the social menu below for how to reach me, or use the Contact page!

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