Aurum Kings

Aurum Kings is a competitive arena game where the goal is to become the richest in the land!

Check out the Steam page now!



Collect Gold

Gain gold while you hold the crown, or pick it up throughout the time spent in each level!

The first player to reach the set amount of gold wins!!


Cause Chaos

Use your chosen ability to give you the edge in each match, blowing others into lava pits, or stunning them with a bear trap!


Unique Environments

Each map is different, with a new environmental mechanic!


If you want to support us throughout development, you can help us out on Patreon! 


The game is currently in the mid stages of development, and if you would like a test build, then just let me know!!

Watch us through the development process on Twitch! 


The target platform is for Windows 10 and Xbox Live via the Creators Program!

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